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Sanford Meisner Master Class instant streaming on Vimeo

 Acting Class- Watch now – Instant Streaming – Sanford Meisner

Sandy goes streaming! We are proud to present the Sanford Meisner Master Class as a video on demand through Vimeo. Obtain first rate acting training from wherever you may be. With improved sound and picture and condensed to four hours, this master class is the best of the 8 hour version and is available instantly from your laptop, phone, iPad and computer.


Acting Class- Watch now - Instant Streaming - Sanford Meisner
Acting Class- Watch now – Instant Streaming – Sanford Meisner

Now recognized as one of the healthiest and creative approaches to acting, the Meisner Technique is best learned from Sanford Meisner himself.   This style of acting does not depend on memory recall.  It develops an actors imagination rather than their emotional memories as the strongest tool for the performing arts.  It focuses on the truth of the present moment which creates a stronger connection between the actor and their partner. Focusing on the moment rather than on memories allows for each performance to be creatively different from one day to the next.  This “reality of doing,” is the foundation of the Meisner approach to acting. It not only teaches people how to act creatively and spontaneously on stage or in film, but also how to carry those skills in to daily life and deepen relationships with themselves and others.

Learn the craft of acting from one of the worlds most influential teachers.  Shot by Sydney Pollock in 1970, the Sanford Meisner Master Acting Class DVD is essential viewing for film, TV and theatre actors and directors.   Sanford Meisner teaches actors techniques for listening, placing full attention on their partner and releasing self consciousness.  This Master Class also offers artists of all disciplines the opportunity to learn directly from one of the most important acting theorists and teachers of the 20th century.

Acting Class- Watch now – Instant Streaming – Sanford Meisner

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