About The Master Class

slideshow5The name Sanford Meisner has become iconic in the world of Acting. He co-founded the Group Theater in 1931 with Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg in an effort to bring the teachings of Stanislavski to America. Not long after the group was founded, Meisner questioned the effectiveness of the ‘Method’ acting approach and branched off to develop a healthier approach to acting. Known as ‘theater’s best kept secret” Sandy’s work has left actors with a simple, fun, and healthy way to explore the depths of the dramatic arts.

In 1980, a group of his alumni got together to preserve his teachings for future generations. This DVD represents the first and only video recording of Sanford Meisners theater wisdom. With 8 hours of in-class training, this two DVD set is nothing short of magical. This archival footage does have a few rough spots with sound quality and the viewer should be aware that the video quality is quite dated in comparison to today’s high definition digital media standards. But the discrepancy is not only a fascinating look at the history of film processes, it reestablishes a slower, calmer viewing pace which has been lost in recent years. The value of the teachings have certainly been preserved. This master class is an essential tool for every actor and director.

In 1985 Sanford Meisner was honored with a theater in his name. Entertainment Tonight reported on the opening event.


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