Sanford Meisner Master Class

Essential viewing for film, TV and theatre actors and directors, the Master Class also offers artists of all disciplines the opportunity to learn directly from one of the most important acting theorists and teachers of the 20th century.

“A historically important release that is of much practical value… highly recommended”
∼The Video Librarian Journal

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This 8 hour, two DVD set is region free and will play internationally. Experience the Meisner Technique as taught by Meisner himself.

We are proud to present the Sanford Meisner Master Class as a streaming video on demand through Vimeo. With improved sound and picture and condensed to four hours, this master class is available right now for you to watch on your tablet, laptop, desktop or TV.

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This rental is $44.95 for four hours of instruction and lasts one year, during which you will have access to all five chapters anytime for as many views as you want.

In 1931, a fervent group of young actors (including Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg) joined together to establish the Group Theatre and bring Stanislavsky’s Method acting to America. In 1933, Meisner became disenchanted with pure Method acting. From that point until his death in 1997 at age 91, Meisner developed his own technique.

A leading acting teacher who trained some of the most famous performers of the stage and screen, Sanford Meisner redefined Stanislavski’s “Method” and revolutionized acting with his Meisner Technique.
In 1980, a group of his alumni got together to preserve his teachings for future generations. Now available for the first time, this master class offers direct instruction from one of the most influential acting teachers of the 20th century. Edited under the supervision of the Sanford Meisner Estate, this archival footage is the only video record of Sanford himself teaching students.